Startup Programmes

Start your own business

Startup Business Campus runs programmes throughout the year online and in-person. The content of courses provides you with everything you need to develop your idea, create a strong business model, launch, and manage your business or social enterprise. The programme includes accredited and non-accredited lectures, workshops, masterclasses, international exchanges, pitching sessions and one-on-one coaching enabling you to successfully launch your business or social impact initiative.

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Find your startup programme​

Imvelisi Programme

Imvelisi equips  emerging enviropreneurs with skills, tools, and resources to develop their water, biodiversity and environmental startup businesses. 

4IR Aquatech

The 4IR Aquatech Accelerator is a sector-specific programme that seeks to fast-track sustainable solutions for Africa’s water-energy- food nexus challenges. 

Startup Business Festival​

A premier Startup-Business ecosystem event committed to making entrepreneurship fashionable and attainable.


A platform that convenes young artists, designers and creatives to collaborate, innovate and create commercially viable products.


A world class social innovation platform that brings together individuals and organizations from diverse sectors, disciplines and generations to work on developing innovative solutions to pressing societal, economic and ecological issues. 

Power Learn Project​

Power Learn Project aims to empower African youth with skills, and certifications that allow them to navigate the business and the job market with confidence.

Fintech Startup

Fintech Startup Accelerator is Africa’s premier venture studio designed to build and scale high-impact fintech businesses.

Resilience Labs

Resilience Labs is an 16 week tech-driven programme tailored to enable businesses and entrepreneurs  to build future-proof ventures,  sustainable models and explore new profits.

Local Green Economy

LGEi is a Just Transition Incubator for green skills, jobs and startups shaping the move to an inclusive, low carbon, resource efficient and prosperous green economy. 

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